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Cockroaches, termites, scorpions, ants, spiders, rodents, bed bugs, bees and wasps. If all these pests seem familiar to you, then you probably live in Phoenix where pests are prevalent all year round. So, it is natural to look for professional pest control services in Phoenix, Arizona regularly to maintain a safe, healthy, and comfortable home and business space.

For people who have experienced pest infestations in Phoenix, the importance of professional pest control services is well understood – it is essential for protecting the house, its members, the environment, and your budget.

Hiring a locally owned and operated pest control company is beneficial for you as no one knows these pesky little creepers more than those who have experienced it themselves.

Watts Pest Prevention prides itself in a legacy of 14 years of providing the best pest control services in Phoenix, Arizona for whenever you are looking to prevent and eradicate pest invasion at your home or your business.

The Most Common Pests in Phoenix

Phoenix is home to many pests found commonly all over the USA along with other pests found in desert environments like scorpions and tarantulas. Prevalence of such harmful pests is all the more reason to get professional pest control in Phoenix from Watts Pest Prevention to protect your house and its members.

Be ready to tackle the following pests in your Arizona home –


The Importance of Professional Pest Control

The importance of pest control cannot be denied. Especially in Phoenix, Arizona where a variety of pests are prevalent throughout the year in good numbers. Watts Pest Prevention not only resolves but also prevents pest infestation to help maintain a safe, healthy, and comfortable house or business space. Let’s summarise the importance of pest control in Phoenix.

Minimising health risks like diseases and allergies is the first and foremost reason why professional pest control is essential to safeguard your family members and even pets. Property damage is another major reason as termites, carpenter ants, rodents etc. attack wood, electrical wires and even the very foundation of your building.

With years of expertise and knowledge of pest control tools and tactics, us professionals help you identify, locate and eliminate pests from your property. We at Watts Pest Prevention also provide custom pest control solutions based on your specific needs after evaluating the type and level of infestation. Professionals use safe, eco-friendly and effective pest control treatments to reduce overuse and contamination from chemicals.

In this way, with professional pest control, you can not only protect your family members from health hazards but also keep your property in a good condition, suitable for maintaining the resale value of the property.

Pest Control Phoenix Arizona

Comprehensive Pest Coverage!

Our Service Plan Guarantees The Control Of These Pests:

  • Ant Pest Control Ants
  • Black Widow Pest Control Black Widows
  • Cockroach Pest Control Cockroaches
  • Cricket Pest ControlCrickets
  • Earwig Pest Control Earwigs
  • Scorpion Pest Control Scorpions
  • Silverfish Pest Control Silverfish
  • Spider Pest ControlSpiders


A Pest Control Service in Phoenix that You Can Rely on

Now you know the type of pests that might infiltrate your property and the importance of pest control in Phoenix. And as you know, more pests means more pest control companies in Phoenix. So on what basis should you choose the pest control company to work on your property?

Watts Pest Prevention is the best pest control company in Phoenix because we don’t just make promises, we fulfil them too. From showing up on scheduled time to customising pest control solutions based on your needs to having high grade tools and equipment for pest control, we make sure we put our best foot forward and do the job right in the first go with our tried and tested methods perfected over the years. This is how we strive to be the one true friend for pest control Phoenix can rely upon.

Watts Pest Prevention is an eco-conscious pest control firm in Phoenix. The use of harsh chemicals required for pest control might harm the pest population, their habitat, and the soil. We eradicate and prevent pest infestation while keeping the impact of our actions in mind and use sustainable methods for pest control.

Lastly, Watts Pest Prevention believes in ‘prevention is better than cure’. We don’t wait for you to face harm from a pest invasion before getting in action. We take control of the situation and prevent your family and property from being harmed by pest infestations.


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Pest Control Product Safety

Pest Control products, if misused, can potentially poison or otherwise harm you, your children, or your pets.


Professional pesticides are only permitted for use by your licensed Pest Control professional! When their use is deemed necessary, WATTS Pest Prevention technicians follow stringent policies and procedures governing such use


Our Pest Control Process

We utilize an Integrated Pest Management (I.P.M.) approach for Arizona Pest Control. This comprehensive approach includes:

  • Inspection - Service specialists conduct a thorough inspection of the property.
  • Identification - Pests are identified for appropriate control measures.
  • Environmental Modification - All possible environmental modification solutions are considered prior to any material application.
  • Material Application - When a thorough inspection has been performed, a proper identification has been assessed, and all environmental modification options have been made (if applicable), a material application will be performed in a judicious, environmentally responsible manner.


Pest Control Prevention Tips

A successful Arizona Pest Control program requires more than simply relying solely on your recurring Pest Control services. Understanding that recurring Pest Control plays a critical role, supplemental Pest Control methods include the client’s cooperation in properly preparing and maintaining the property being serviced. Properly preparing and maintaining a Pest-free environment includes:

Interior Considerations: Seal holes in walls and around pipes, cables and wires. Seal cracks and crevices with paint or caulk. Seal other holes ¼” or larger. Fix leaky plumbing. Correct excessive moisture problems. Remove clutter. Organize storage rooms/closets. Store Pest nesting material (fabric, paper, rug scraps, plastic, and insulation) in Pest-proof containers. Clean and screen drains. Cap drains in basement floors. Store human and pet food in Pest-proof containers. Maintain excellent sanitation conditions. Dispose of Pest- or Rodent-infested goods. Remove fecal matter (rodents, bats, birds). Sanitize animal fecal matter after removal. Investigate secondary Pest potential from primary Pest infestation (e.g. fleas, mites).

Exterior Considerations: Cut vegetation back from building walls at least 18″. Remove ivy and other vines from sides of buildings or nearby trees. Trim back tree branches that touch or rub against building. Seal and/or repair air conditioning unit(s). Seal holes in walls and around pipes, cables, and wires. Seal other holes ¼” or larger. Repair damaged roof. Move compost into Pest-proof containers. Fix leaking irrigation. Eliminate standing water. Maintain properly functioning drains. Maintain order in storage shed(s) and/or garage(s). Store Pest nesting material (fabric, paper, rug scraps, plastic, and insulation) in Pest-proof containers. Store grass seed and pet food in Pest-proof containers. Remove debris, lumber and/or rock piles. Move firewood piles as far away from the structure as possible. Cut grass and eliminate weeds. Remove fallen fruit or nuts. Remove fecal matter (rodents, bats, birds). Sanitize animal fecal matter after removal. Investigate secondary Pest potential from primary Pest infestation (e.g. fleas, mites).


Pest Control Price, Product & Performance Promise

Price Promise - At WATTS Pest Prevention, we are committed to operate in a financially sound manner, considering every cost incurred, in order to provide superior services at extremely reasonable rates to you, our customer.

Product Promise - WATTS Pest Prevention is committed to not only being environmentally responsible with the materials that we use, by utilizing technologically advanced measures such as I.P.M. (Integrated Pest Management) and low impact materials approved by the EPA (Environmental Protection Agency) and certified with the N.O.P. (National Organic Program), we also choose to conduct our day-to-day business operations with these same considerations toward being environmentally responsible.

Performance Promise - WATTS Pest Prevention is committed to providing a service experience that is not only exceptional and unmatched in our industry but also custom tailored to meet your specific needs. Did I mention that it boasts an amazing “Pest-Free, Or We’ll Waive The Fee” Guarantee! Simply stated, we have perfected our unique Pest Prevention process! WATTS Pest Prevention is a family owned and locally operated company. What this means to you is:

- Convenient, On-Time Service! Our service approach won’t ever leave you waiting on us!
- Professionally Dressed Technicians! Say goodbye to the average “bug guy!”
- Owner Investment & Involvement! I’m here when you need me!
- Careful Consideration To You & Your Property! We even wear shoe covers inside!
- Exceptional Service Experience! Every time!
- Availability! 24 Hours a day, 7 Days a week, our team is waiting for you…CALL NOW!
- Comprehensive Coverage! We offer the most comprehensive pest coverage this industry offers!
- Guaranteed Service Results! Ask about our “Pest-Free, Or We’ll Waive The Fee” Guarantee!

Marc A. Watts Sr.


100 Percent Pest Control Satisfaction Guarantee

If you select one of our eligible Pest Prevention Programs and observe any covered pest(s) in-between regularly scheduled service visits, or you were not completely satisfied with the last service we provided, Watts Pest Prevention will respond to correct the problem within forty-eight (48) hours*. If we fail to respond within forty-eight (48) hours, or fail to correct the problem, we will refund your last service charge. See Service Agreement for more details!

*Excluding weekends and holidays.


50% Off Initial Pest Elimination Service*

Offer Expires: Friday, July 19

* Offer valid with a Pest Elimination service plan.

50% Off Initial Pest Elimination Service*
Offer Expires:Friday, July 19

*Offer valid with a Pest Elimination service plan.

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