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ID /Biology / Behavior:

The Gopher is a medium-sized, burrowing rodent 5-14 inches in length (head to tail), with very fine, soft fur ranging from nearly black to pale brown to almost white colors; adult males are bigger than fully-grown females. The Gopher is named for their fur-lined pouches – used to carry food – outside both sides of the mouth.

Gophers have strong forequarters, diminutive necks and small, flat heads. Their forepaws end in large claws with lips close behind their large teeth – both spectacular adaptations for living underground. Gophers have diminutive external ears and undersized eyes which makes them highly dependent on their sense of touch. Their whiskers are very sensitive to touch and assist Gophers in traveling about their dark tunnels. The tail acts as a “radiator” assisting in thermoregulation for Gophers; it is sparsely haired and also serves to guide their backward momentum.

Gopher Removal & Control Phoenix AZ


Gopher Control is necessitated when damage occurs caused by these rodents including (but not limited to) destruction of underground cables / pipe, consumption of forage by earthen mounds, or annihilation of lawns and gardens. Gophers may also damage trees and roots through burrowing.

Prevention Tips / Treatment:

Because of cost and inadequate feasibility, exclusion is of little use. Fencing of ornamental shrubs or landscape trees may be justified; the fence should extend downward at least 18 inches with 1/4-inch or 1/2-inch hardware cloth mesh small enough to exclude these rodents.

Commercially available sonic devices claim to repel Gophers; however, no scientific supporting evidence exists. Plants such as Caper Spurge, Gopher Purge, Mole Plant and the Castor-Oil Plant have been advertised as Gopher repellents, but there is NO evidence of their effectiveness. Additionally, we do not recommend them; they are POISONOUS to humans and pets!

Our technicians are proficient in Gopher Control. Let us serve as your Gopher ‘repellent.’ We can customize a Gopher Control program specifically for you – based on your property and any Best Gopher Control in Phoenix AZ issues.

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Wildlife Control Product Safety

Pest Control products, if misused, can potentially poison or otherwise harm you, your children, or your pets.


Professional pesticides are only permitted for use by your licensed Pest Control professional! When their use is deemed necessary, WATTS Pest Prevention technicians follow stringent policies and procedures governing such use


Our Wildlife Control Process

We utilize an Integrated Pest Management (I.P.M.) approach for Arizona Pest Control. This comprehensive approach includes:

  • Inspection - Service specialists conduct a thorough inspection of the property.
  • Identification - Pests are identified for appropriate control measures.
  • Environmental Modification - All possible environmental modification solutions are considered prior to any material application.
  • Material Application - When a thorough inspection has been performed, a proper identification has been assessed, and all environmental modification options have been made (if applicable), a material application will be performed in a judicious, environmentally responsible manner.


Wildlife Control Prevention Tips

Wildlife Control Phoenix AZ addresses a myriad of pests and issues – some apply to city dwellers, some are more suited to those who enjoy country living.

Our professionals are able to resolve any type of wildlife problem that you may encounter. However, for your peace of mind, there are some things you can do, as well. The following list is limited by space. For wildlife not referenced here, please consult with our office staff.

Rabbits: protect shrubs and young trees with cylindrical wire guards of two or three-foot hardware cloth – several inches larger than the tree’s diameter. During growing season, use a two-foot fence of 1/2–inch galvanized mesh wire. Raccoons: garbage should be stored in a stout metal / plastic container with tightly closed lid wired, clamped or tied shut, as necessary. Feed pets inside or only during the day (if outside). Repair any entry points to attics. Use a commercial chimney cap. Woodpeckers: Cover or repair any existing holes in structure(s). In small holes, squirt a small amount of linseed oil – this kills any insects attracting the woodpeckers. If using visual deterrents, move them weekly to keep the birds from becoming too used to them. Coyotes: secure trash containers, wildlife feeders and other food sources; keep small dogs / cats in kennels when outdoors (or supervise); don’t leave pet food outside; keep all pet vaccinations up-to-date; consider coyote-proof fencing.


Wildlife Control Price, Product & Performance Promise

Price Promise - At WATTS Pest Prevention, we are committed to operate in a financially sound manner, considering every cost incurred, in order to provide superior services at extremely reasonable rates to you, our customer.

Product Promise - WATTS Pest Prevention is committed to not only being environmentally responsible with the materials that we use, by utilizing technologically advanced measures such as I.P.M. (Integrated Pest Management) and low impact materials approved by the EPA (Environmental Protection Agency) and certified with the N.O.P. (National Organic Program), we also choose to conduct our day-to-day business operations with these same considerations toward being environmentally responsible.

Performance Promise - WATTS Pest Prevention is committed to providing a service experience that is not only exceptional and unmatched in our industry but also custom tailored to meet your specific needs. Did I mention that it boasts an amazing “Pest-Free, Or We’ll Waive The Fee” Guarantee! Simply stated, we have perfected our unique Pest Prevention process! WATTS Pest Prevention is a family owned and locally operated company. What this means to you is:

- Convenient, On-Time Service! Our service approach won’t ever leave you waiting on us!
- Professionally Dressed Technicians! Say goodbye to the average “bug guy!”
- Owner Investment & Involvement! I’m here when you need me!
- Careful Consideration To You & Your Property! We even wear shoe covers inside!
- Exceptional Service Experience! Every time!
- Availability! 24 Hours a day, 7 Days a week, our team is waiting for you…CALL NOW!
- Comprehensive Coverage! We offer the most comprehensive pest coverage this industry offers!
- Guaranteed Service Results! Ask about our “Pest-Free, Or We’ll Waive The Fee” Guarantee!

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5% Off TOTAL Wildlife Control Program*

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* Offer valid with a minimum charge of $150. Must mention coupon when scheduling service. Maintenance service plans not eligible.

5% Off TOTAL Wildlife Control Program*
Offer Expires:Friday, May 24

*Offer valid with a minimum charge of $150. Must mention coupon when scheduling service. Maintenance service plans not eligible.

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