About Us

About Us

Learn About WATTS PEST PREVENTIONOwners, Marc & Julie Watts, Watts Pest Prevention

Born of a father’s dream to leave a legacy for future generations arose WATTS Pest Prevention. My wife Julie and I, through WATTS Pest Prevention, choose to embrace and carry on such instilled characteristics as proficiency, personalized customer attention, a perfectionist’s disposition and professionalism.

Established in 2011, WATTS Pest Prevention’s foundation was built on decades of pest prevention experience and is maintained with an uncompromising attitude toward providing pest solutions and complete customer satisfaction, you can purchase our service with confidence (see our “Pest Free, Or We’ll Waive The Fee” guarantee).

It is our policy that our team members receive continuing education to remain adept at all Pest prevention practices. This rigorous training covers such topics as Public & Product Safety, Pest Biology, Label & M.S.D.S. competency, Personal Protective Equipment, Product Knowledge, etc…

Pest prevention is more than just a mere “person with poison.” It’s an art, carefully fused with science then masterfully crafted, cultivating Pest Prevention, Perfected!

We care, because you, your family, your pets, your business, and your customers’ safety matters most to us.

Our services include: P.E.S.T. Blockade™ Process (ProActive Environmental Sanitation & Structural Treatment) for your commercial property our P.E.S.T. Barricade™ Service (ProActive Exterior Structural & Surrounding Treatment) for your residential property, you can rest assured that pests will no longer be a problem!

When a “Bug Guy” just isn’t good enough, it’s time to CALL WATTS Pest Prevention.

My Promise Means Your Protection!
Marc A. Watts Sr.

Our Mission:

To offer the most proficient, responsible, well-groomed service personnel utilizing technologically advanced methods, materials, and equipment delivering a cost-effective pest prevention solution protecting property owners, their families, and their investments with prudent consideration placed on environmental responsibility…resulting in an exceptional service experience…everytime.

Our Vision:

Consistently, flawlessly execute our specific, unique customer service experience, in turn, producing enthusiastic referrals and recommendations from loyal, lifetime customers.

Invest back into the lives of our team members and their families.

Be an industry leader – highly respected and well regarded by customers, industry members, and the community.

Be a financially responsible, profitable organization.

Our Objectives:

Protect | Prevent | Pursue | Progress

Protect – The customer from disease, fear, and pain caused by undesirable pest activity.
Prevent – The recurrence of a pest infestation and/or reduce the infestation to an acceptable level.
Pursue – Perfection as it relates to inspection/identification of pests, environmental modification techniques and application of restricted/non-restricted use pesticides; building a strong customer rapport; and nothing less than providing the complete/unique customer service experience.
Progress – Thoroughly and continually train service personnel to effectively and expeditiously resolve customer related concerns.

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