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Phoenix, Arizona was founded in 1861 and officially incorporated in 1881. Trace the growth of Phoenix, AZ from the advent of the railroad in the 1880’s, Roosevelt Dam in 1911, the military’s ongoing presence (see WWII and the POW camp for German soldiers), growth and tourism in the 1950’s to present, “Phoenix Lights” UFO sightings in 1997, to the renaming of Squaw Peak as Piestewa Peak in 2008 after Army Specialist Lori Ann Piestewa, the first Native American woman to die in combat with the U.S. military and the first American female casualty in the 2003 Iraq War.

If you haven’t been afflicted yet, Bed Bugs, those pests from the old nursery rhyme are coming back to Phoenix, Arizona! These pesky little “suckers,” or Bed Bugs, are in Phoenix, AZ, to suck blood from people and their pets — through glands in their heads that generate anticoagulants to keep the host’s (your!) blood vessels or capillaries dilated, thereby keeping the (your!) blood flowing!

Bed Bug Control Phoenix AZ

At WATTS Pest Prevention, we noticed the recommencement of Bed Bugs in the Phoenix, AZ area beginning in the mid-1990s. As Bed Bugs become almost invisible in obvious places, they can infiltrate your Phoenix, Arizona, home on luggage, pets, furniture, clothing, boxes, and other objects. As Bed Bugs can travel via one’s person or their belongings to work or other destinations – the list of locations in Phoenix, Arizona in danger of Bed Bug infiltration is unrestrained. Once very infrequent in North America, Bed Bugs have nearly always been an all-inclusive worldwide issue. They may be on the rise due, in part, to an increase in international travel.

Why be concerned?
In addition to the information listed above, Bed Bugs have been found to carry the causative agents (pathogens) for several diseases, including anthrax, plague, tularemia, yellow fever, relapsing fever, and typhus. Bed Bugs certainly reduce the quality of life for those living in infested premises by causing discomfort, anxiety, and lack of sleep. Let a WATTS Pest Prevention and bed bugs extermination technician take care of this concern for you.

Identifying Bed Bug Infestations:

  • The first sign of Bed Bugs may be itchy, red bites on the skin, usually on the arms or shoulders.
  • Bed Bugs tend to leave straight rows of bites.
  • Fecal spots and the bloody spots left on sheets and pillowcases when engorged Bed Bugs are crushed serve as sure signs of infestation.
  • A sour, moldy smell (not definitive with all infestations).
  • Bed Bug infestation has nothing to do with cleanliness of your home.


Your WATTS Pest Prevention technicians are trained on both Bed Bug basics and the latest control techniques.

Preventing Bed Bug Recurrence:

Your WATTS Pest Prevention technician will be involved closely with you to educate you regarding Bed Bug Control, ensuring you are aware of what you must do to assist us with a successful plan. This will include tips that only you, as the homeowner, can ensure are completed. Some things your WATTS Pest Prevention technician will do as part of our Integrated Pest Management (IPM) plan.

Treating Bed Bug Infestations:

Bed Bug Control & Treatment must be thorough and your cooperation enlisted in removing any Bed Bug harborage. A systematic and integrated process for achieving long-term, environmentally sound Bed Bug management must incorporate numerous chemical and non-chemical tools to achieve success. Your WATTS Pest Prevention technician is licensed by the State of Arizona and has been specially trained in the safe use of all products necessary to take care of your Bed Bug control problem. This combination of approaches is generally known as Integrated Pest Management (IPM) and is the approach used by WATTS Pest Prevention.

Bed Bug Control Heat Treatment:

The use of heat in pest eradication is not a new concept. Since the early 1900’s, heat has been used as an effective strategy to kill all life stages of insects from eggs to adults. Today, as other chemicals become less appealing, heat treatments are gaining popularity and recognition as a viable and safe alternative to chemicals and fumigants. The use of heat involves safely raising the temperatures in an infested area to a level that is lethal to all insects. Heat Treatment is a proven non-chemical method of eradicating all life stages of insects from eggs, larva to adults. Unlike many chemical pesticides such as Methyl Bromide, Heat Treatments will penetrate and force heat into all of the harborages and kill insects where they reside.

The Benefits of Bed Bug Heat Treatment:

  • Heat is non-toxic and environmentally friendly
  • Heat allows shorter treatment times and decreased down time, resulting in higher productivity
  • Heat treatments can be done in “zones,” treating only the infested areas. Untreated areas may remain operational
  • Kills all the life stages from eggs to adults
  • Works in all weather conditions and can penetrate into areas where chemicals and fumigants cannot


If you’re looking for a safe, highly effective, tested and proven way for eradicating all life stages of insects without the use of chemicals, then our Bed Bug Control Heat Treatments is your answer.

Bed Bug Control Product Safety

Pest Control products, if misused, can potentially poison or otherwise harm you, your children, or your pets.


Professional pesticides are only permitted for use by your licensed Pest Control professional! When their use is deemed necessary, WATTS Pest Prevention technicians follow stringent policies and procedures governing such use


Our Bed Bug Control Process

We utilize an Integrated Pest Management (I.P.M.) approach for Arizona Pest Control. This comprehensive approach includes:

  • Inspection - Service specialists conduct a thorough inspection of the property.
  • Identification - Pests are identified for appropriate control measures.
  • Environmental Modification - All possible environmental modification solutions are considered prior to any material application.
  • Material Application - When a thorough inspection has been performed, a proper identification has been assessed, and all environmental modification options have been made (if applicable), a material application will be performed in a judicious, environmentally responsible manner.


Bed Bug Control Prevention Tips

Being a Bed Bug Exterminator Phoenix AZ is a challenging yet rewarding position. When someone needs Bed Bug Removal AZ, it is needed now! These Bed Bugs Phoenix AZ can be the cause of sleepless nights, a creepy-crawly sensation or simply being uncomfortable in your own home!

Bed Bug Treatment Phoenix AZ allows us to resolve these problems for you. Our professional service for Bed Bugs Phoenix is multifaceted. However, to reinforce our positive results, there are a few things you can do.

Don’t throw everything out! That is costly and may spread the problem elsewhere. Reduce their hiding places. Clutter provides hiding places, making locating and treating Bed Bugs more difficult. Regularly wash and heat-dry ALL bedclothes (sheets, blankets, bedspreads) and any clothing that lands on the floor. Don’t pass them on to others. If discarding a mattress or furniture that has Bed Bugs, slash (or in some way destroy) it so no one is tempted to take it home! Regular vacuuming (rugs, floors, furniture, under and around all bed areas and in all cracks and crevices) can remove some Bed Bugs. Change the bag after each use so the Bed Bugs don’t get away – place it in a tightly sealed plastic bag in an outside trash receptacle.


Bed Bug Control Price, Product & Performance Promise

Price Promise - At WATTS Pest Prevention, we are committed to operate in a financially sound manner, considering every cost incurred, in order to provide superior services at extremely reasonable rates to you, our customer.

Product Promise - WATTS Pest Prevention is committed to not only being environmentally responsible with the materials that we use, by utilizing technologically advanced measures such as I.P.M. (Integrated Pest Management) and low impact materials approved by the EPA (Environmental Protection Agency) and certified with the N.O.P. (National Organic Program), we also choose to conduct our day-to-day business operations with these same considerations toward being environmentally responsible.

Performance Promise - WATTS Pest Prevention is committed to providing a service experience that is not only exceptional and unmatched in our industry but also custom tailored to meet your specific needs. Did I mention that it boasts an amazing “Pest-Free, Or We’ll Waive The Fee” Guarantee! Simply stated, we have perfected our unique Pest Prevention process! WATTS Pest Prevention is a family owned and locally operated company. What this means to you is:

- Convenient, On-Time Service! Our service approach won’t ever leave you waiting on us!
- Professionally Dressed Technicians! Say goodbye to the average “bug guy!”
- Owner Investment & Involvement! I’m here when you need me!
- Careful Consideration To You & Your Property! We even wear shoe covers inside!
- Exceptional Service Experience! Every time!
- Availability! 24 Hours a day, 7 Days a week, our team is waiting for you…CALL NOW!
- Comprehensive Coverage! We offer the most comprehensive pest coverage this industry offers!
- Guaranteed Service Results! Ask about our “Pest-Free, Or We’ll Waive The Fee” Guarantee!

Marc A. Watts Sr.


$30 Off Bed Bug Extermination Service*

Offer Expires: Friday, July 19

* Offer valid with Bed Bug heat treatment. Must mention coupon when scheduling service.

$30 Off Bed Bug Extermination Service*
Offer Expires:Friday, July 19

*Offer valid with Bed Bug heat treatment. Must mention coupon when scheduling service.

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