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Termites can cause massive property damage, especially if they are left unchecked for an extended period of time. In order to stop them in their tracks, it is necessary to turn to a professional pest control company for a termite treatment in Phoenix Arizona. Watts Pest Prevention has been successfully eliminating infestations since 2011, and we are pleased to offer our services to commercial and residential clients.

Termite Control Phoenix Arizona

The Importance of Termite Inspections in Phoenix Arizona

If you believe that your property has been afflicted by a termite infestation, it is imperative to start with an inspection. Our highly trained and skilled team will inspect your home or business for any of the telltale signs that these pests leave behind. Unfortunately, termites are the number one pest in Arizona, but this does not mean that you need to resign yourself to dealing with the physical and economic damages that they cause. Instead, we can launch a proven, concentrated treatment plan that will eliminate the nest.

How Can I Tell if I Have Termites?

Property owners in Phoenix need to be especially vigilant. According to the Arizona Republic, every house in Arizona either has termites right now or will become infested in the future. The good news is that early treatment will stop the colony from fully developing.

Arizona is home to three main types of termites: subterranean, drywood and dampwood. The subterranean species is the most prevalent in the Phoenix area, and property owners should keep an eye out for the distinctive mud tunnels that these pests use to travel into buildings.

A mud tunnel, which is sometimes referred to as a mud tube, is made from debris, wood and small pieces of soil. They are often spotted on the exterior of a building, and the width of these tunnels is indicative of how large the colony has become. Additionally, you may notice mud tunnels on cardboard boxes that are stored in your garage. This is an alternate access route that these pests often use, so we encourage you to regularly inspect the exterior of your home and any stored cardboard boxes.

Subterranean termites also leave a very distinctive pattern when they destroy wood, but you are unlikely to notice this sign of an infestation until an enormous amount of damage has been done. Fortunately, our termite inspections in Phoenix Arizona can identify a growing nest before this level of extensive destruction occurs.

What Are the Physical Characteristics of a Subterranean Termite?

There are multiple termite types found in each colony, including the workers, soldiers, nymphs and reproductives. Workers are the most prevalent, and they also cause the most property damage. They are somewhat similar in size and body shape to an ant, and you probably will not notice them because they spend most of their time foraging for food.

Many property owners become aware that they need a termite treatment when they notice a swarm of reproductives on their property. These dark-brown or blackish insects are approximately 3/8″ long, and they have some physical similarities to flying ants. You can tell the difference by examining the length of the flying insect’s wings. If the wings are all the same size, you are dealing with termites.

In most cases, if you see even one of these reproductives in your home or business, a nest is somewhere nearby. Be sure to take action quickly to prevent further damage from occurring.

What Danger Do Subterranean Termites Pose?

Termites build their colony slowly in Phoenix buildings, which means that discovering a nest early on can help you prevent serious damage. Despite this, it is imperative to be aware that any signs of an infestation will be troublesome if you want to sell your property. In fact, lending institutions typically require a building to be termite free before they will agree to move forward with a loan. In other words, your family’s dream of moving to a new home could be impeded by the presence of termites.

It is extremely rare for a termite to bite a human, but it is possible that a swarm could bite your beloved pet. Although no long-lasting injuries have been linked to a termite bite, your home or business can suffer greatly from the wood damage that these pests cause.

Shockingly, a large group of subterranean termites only needs two hours to eat through the equivalent of a cup of wood. This means that a colony that is left undetected and without proper termite control in Phoenix Arizona will eventually destroy the inside of your building. Sadly, this is not something that most insurance companies will cover, so you will bear the brunt of these costly economic damages. Nationwide, termites cause more than $5 billion in damages every single year.

How to Reduce Your Termite Risk in Phoenix

There are three major things that will encourage subterranean termites to become unwelcome inhabitants of your property:

1. Cracks in the foundation or concrete floors.
2. The accumulation of water in your attic.
3. Wood to ground contact.

You can eliminate all of these factors with proper maintenance and planning. For example, bricks or concrete patio blocks can be placed underneath wood to prevent direct contact with the ground. Be sure to regularly inspect your attic to look for any water accumulation issues. Subterranean termites need constant access to moisture, so keeping the inside of your building dry will make it a much less inviting environment. Additionally, cracks in your foundation or concrete floors should be repaired immediately to help minimize the risk of termites and any other type of pest infestation.

Effectiveness of Termite Treatments in Phoenix Arizona

There are very few over-the-counter treatments available for termites, and none of them are known to be very effective. Fortunately, professional pest control companies such as Watts Pest Prevention have full access to insecticides and baiting tools that do work. The method that is chosen will depend on the exact type of termite infestation you have and how big the colony has grown.

Our professional team has the knowledge and experience to select the right termite treatment for your Phoenix home or business. Contact us today to schedule an inspection if you have any reason to believe that termites have built their nest on your property. Remember: every day that passes will make it harder and more expensive to eradicate these pests and repair the damage that they have caused.

Contact us today to schedule a free termite inspection of your home or office.

Termite Control Product Safety

Pest Control products, if misused, can potentially poison or otherwise harm you, your children, or your pets.


Professional pesticides are only permitted for use by your licensed Pest Control professional! When their use is deemed necessary, WATTS Pest Prevention technicians follow stringent policies and procedures governing such use


Our Termite Control Process

We utilize an Integrated Pest Management (I.P.M.) approach for Arizona Pest Control. This comprehensive approach includes:

  • Inspection - Service specialists conduct a thorough inspection of the property.
  • Identification - Pests are identified for appropriate control measures.
  • Environmental Modification - All possible environmental modification solutions are considered prior to any material application.
  • Material Application - When a thorough inspection has been performed, a proper identification has been assessed, and all environmental modification options have been made (if applicable), a material application will be performed in a judicious, environmentally responsible manner.


Termite Control Prevention Tips

During the Termite Inspection Phoenix AZ, our technicians are looking at three specific areas: soil, wood and water in conjunction with a customized Termite Treatment Phoenix AZ program.

The following Arizona Termite Control applies to: soil - most Termites are subterranean (colonies built in-ground) with mud tubes leading from underground to above ground food sources; wood - Termites consume cellulose (in wood) as their primary foodstuff; water - Termite survival depends on available water source(s).

Along with our professional Termite Treatment Phoenix, there are steps you can take to enhance our Termite Control protocols. Soil: do not use mulch near building(s); remove brush / vegetation near building(s). Wood: use only treated lumber on structures having direct wood-to-ground contact; never bury waste lumber or wood scraps; remove dead trees, stumps and roots. Water: fix all water leaks (internal and external); eliminate standing / pooling water; periodically clean gutters and waterlines. Miscellaneous: seal all cracks / holes in foundation(s); ensure structure(s) (including attic / crawl space) are properly ventilated.


Termite Control Price, Product & Performance Promise

Price Promise - At WATTS Pest Prevention, we are committed to operate in a financially sound manner, considering every cost incurred, in order to provide superior services at extremely reasonable rates to you, our customer.

Product Promise - WATTS Pest Prevention is committed to not only being environmentally responsible with the materials that we use, by utilizing technologically advanced measures such as I.P.M. (Integrated Pest Management) and low impact materials approved by the EPA (Environmental Protection Agency) and certified with the N.O.P. (National Organic Program), we also choose to conduct our day-to-day business operations with these same considerations toward being environmentally responsible.

Performance Promise - WATTS Pest Prevention is committed to providing a service experience that is not only exceptional and unmatched in our industry but also custom tailored to meet your specific needs. Did I mention that it boasts an amazing “Pest-Free, Or We’ll Waive The Fee” Guarantee! Simply stated, we have perfected our unique Pest Prevention process! WATTS Pest Prevention is a family owned and locally operated company. What this means to you is:

- Convenient, On-Time Service! Our service approach won’t ever leave you waiting on us!
- Professionally Dressed Technicians! Say goodbye to the average “bug guy!”
- Owner Investment & Involvement! I’m here when you need me!
- Careful Consideration To You & Your Property! We even wear shoe covers inside!
- Exceptional Service Experience! Every time!
- Availability! 24 Hours a day, 7 Days a week, our team is waiting for you…CALL NOW!
- Comprehensive Coverage! We offer the most comprehensive pest coverage this industry offers!
- Guaranteed Service Results! Ask about our “Pest-Free, Or We’ll Waive The Fee” Guarantee!

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$350 Termite Treatment Service*

Offer Expires: Friday, June 21

* Termite Treatments from $350.

$350 Termite Treatment Service*
Offer Expires:Friday, June 21

*Termite Treatments from $350.

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