Service Reminder

Service Reminder

WATTS Pest Prevention wants to THANK YOU for choosing us as your Pest Prevention provider and for the trust shown in us.

IMPORTANT: Please see below for important service-day information –

Recurring Pest Prevention**
Initial Pest Prevention*
Weed Service***
Bird Service***
Termite Service***
Specialty Service(s)***

For (*), you (or your designated representative) must be at the property for INTERIOR as well as EXTERIOR access. Please ensure there is at least a five-inch border along all baseboards, in closets or pantries, and beneath kitchen / bathroom sinks.

For (**), it is NOT necessary that anyone be at the property unless, of course, there are PETS to bring inside just prior to EXTERIOR service being accomplished OR ENTRY GATE / KEY CODES required.

For (*), (**) or (***) [i.e. Recurring, Weed, Termite, Specialty] service, please MOVE any stored articles away from application areas [i.e. storage containers, etc.] around/along exterior walls of main structure, outbuildings [if applicable], garage [if applicable], and perimeter of property [i.e. fencing, privacy walls] at least five [5] feet for exterior areas. Please ensure that any entrance/egress areas are accessible to the technician [gate unlocked, etc.]. Any pets are to be restrained completely from the exterior portions of the property – for their safety, as well as to allow our technician to work unimpeded.

NOTE: For any service requiring Special Advance Preparation (i.e. Specialty or Termite) if the service specialist arrives for service and client does not have property prepared as instructed, the service will not be performed. A reschedule will be required with an additional charge accrued.

PAYMENT: Due when services are rendered. An Invoice will be e-mailed to you when the service specialist completes his / her application(s), unless alternative arrangements have been made.


A Service Expectation / Preparation Form indicating important service-related information requiring your immediate attention will be forwarded separately!

WATTS Pest Prevention will work with you at any time to resolve, if possible, any scheduling conflicts that may arise. As always, reach us on the web at or by phone at (855) 469-2887.

Remember, we are a full-service pest prevention company servicing:

Weeds | Birds | Pests | Termites | Wildlife

We are honored to serve you,

Marc A. Watts Sr.

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