Watts Pest Prevention Launches Power Sprayer and Adds New Vehicle to the Arsenal

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Phoenix, AZ – For years Watts Pest Prevention has provided high-quality pest control services to many communities in Arizona. Customers report excellent customer service and a range of pest prevention and control services. The company operates under the motto, “pest free or we’ll waive the fee,” an enticing slogan for skeptical customers.

Residents of Phoenix are now able to benefit from an expansion of equipment inventory at Watts Pest Prevention. Recently the company added a new power sprayer as well as a new service vehicle. The move is to cater to the unique needs of the Arizona topography and the growing demand of services from clientele.

The new sprayer is a powerful electronic sprayer producing more efficient pest control and management. Traditionally Arizona pest control companies utilize backpack sprayers, which can miss the target, failing to penetrate Arizona’s rocky and boulder filled soil. Backpack sprayers are not always guaranteed to produce results sought by customers. But Watts Pest Prevention’s new power sprayer combats the inefficiency to tackle all pests.

The unique effectiveness of the sprayer is not just from the electronic aspect. The power sprayer is an answer to the Arizona landscape as well. The rocky landscape and other obstructions make reaching pests that much harder. The new sprayer used by Watts Pest Control uses active ingredients designed to penetrate such obstructions to reach the pests where they harbor.

While striving to rid homes of unwanted pests, the services also focus on product safety. Families report peace of mind knowing Watts Pest Control employs expert exterminators in AZ to administer potentially harmful products while only using pesticides approved by the Environmental Protection Agency.

Watts Pest Prevention adopts a very individualized approach to pest extermination, opting to create custom plans to address specific needs for clients. Clients are typically pleased with the custom approach and commitment to affordability. Part of the company’s promise to clients is to maintain affordable rates throughout the process.

The company was founded in 2011 and continues to expand. The Phoenix branch recently added a new service vehicle. The new set of wheels is a response to the growing demand for pest control in Phoenix. The addition allows for more customers to take advantage of the services offered here – including the new power sprayer with even higher efficiency for pest control and extermination.

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