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The Ultimate Guide to Termite Control in Phoenix

According to the National Pest Management Association, termites cause $5 billion in property damages each year to homeowners in the United States. Because they can cause so much damage to the structure of your home, it is vital that you get termite control in Phoenix as soon as you notice the signs of termites. 

Do you want to learn more about termite and pest control, termite control cost, and the best termite control products? Keep reading this Ultimate guide to termite control in Phoenix. 

What Are the Types of Termites

Many people do not know that there are a few different types of termites. Each type of termite has different behaviors, defining features, and roles in the colony. 

First, there are reproductive termites. These termites are dark brown with light wings and include the king and queen. 

Worker and soldier termites do not have wings and are typically the types of termites that chew through the wood, move materials, and more. 

What Are Termites Attracted To? 

Before you learn how to get rid of termites on your property, you may want to learn what termites are attracted to. Because termites eat through wood, they will often look for several different wood sources on your property, including your home. 

Other things that they are attracted to include firewood, old fence posts, and even dead trees in your yard. 

They may also wat through your furniture, flooring, and even fiberboard materials in your home. This can lead to significant structural damage, especially if it is left untreated or unnoticed. 

How to Prevent Termites

One of the easiest ways to prevent termites is to eliminate their food source. As was mentioned before, they will typically eat dead trees and wood. By storing firewood in a secure location or removing dead trees from your property, you can keep termites from nesting near your home. 

Another way that you can prevent termites is by preventing water accumulation on your property. Termites need a water source to help them digest the wood they consume and to keep them hydrated. So, by preventing water runoff and accumulation, you can keep them away from your home. 

Termites also will create tunnels through the soil of your property that lead to their food sources. Another way you can prevent termites is by creating barriers between your soil and any wooden structures on your property. This will make it more difficult for them to create tunnels to food sources. 

Finally, it is important that you regularly check your property and the foundation of your home for the earthen tubes they create. If you notice any cracks in your foundation, you can seal them to ensure that termites will not have access to your home. 

By following each of these preventative measures, you can be sure that termites will not cause any damage to your home and you can save money on expensive termite repairs and inspections. 

Types of Termite Pest Control

There are many types of termite control products that you can use for your home. First, there are liquid-soil termiticides. This is an involved treatment that can protect your home from termites for years. 

Essentially, you will have to dig a trench along the perimeter of your home and apply a chemical treatment to this trench. Because termites create tubes through the soil, they will not be able to pass through this trench of pesticides. 

Next, there are types of termite bait. You will have to place the bait in places that termites commonly access your home or property. The bait will slowly kill the termites when termites foraging for food take it back to their nest and infect the colony. 

This strategy takes a bit longer to work, but it is quite effective. 

Another effective termite pest control treatment is wood treatment. You spray wood materials with the pesticide to soak into the wood which will prevent future termite infestations.

This is a great option for new-construction homes, as you will have easy access to the wood inside your walls. 

Finally, you can find materials that are already treated with termiticides. If you are building a new home, this is a great option as it will prevent termites from ever infesting your home. 

If you choose to use a professional company for your termite control, they will typically use some type of pesticide or fumigation to remove existing colonies of termites. 

Termite Treatment Cost

Termite control cost will vary depending on the size of your home, whether you choose to use a professional pest control company or if you do it yourself, the type of treatment you use, and the size of your infestation. 

Typically, termite treatment costs a few hundred dollars. However, if the infestation is particularly bad, it may cost over $1,000. If you want to learn more about the exact cost of treatment for your home, you can usually get free quotes online for termite control services. 

Find the Best Termite Control in Phoenix Today

When you have a termite infestation in your home, it can cause serious structural damage and may lead to repairs that cost several thousand dollars.

However, there are ways that you can prevent termites and treat them on your own. Otherwise, you can utilize a professional company to help you prevent and treat termites on your property. 

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