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The Ultimate Guide to Finding the Best Bed Bug Exterminator Chandler, AZ

Bed bugs are notoriously resilient—one recent study found that they evolve quickly enough to develop resistance to insecticides. Because of this stubbornness, traditional methods of bug extermination won’t work with bed bugs. If you’re tired of struggling against bed bugs yourself, then it’s time to consider hiring a professional. But where can you find a good bed bug exterminator Chandler, AZ?

In this guide, we’ll provide you with everything you need to know about finding a company that works for you. That way your life can get back to normal as soon as possible. Let’s get started.

Make Sure You Have Bed Bugs

Before finding a bug exterminator in Chandler, Arizona, you first need to be sure that you have them. Typically the first way bed bugs reveal themselves is through itchy bites.

Sometimes their bite marks might leave red marks due to an allergic reaction. However, people who aren’t allergic might not notice any redness. Another sign of bed bugs is brown spots on your pillows, clothing, or beds.

This is fecal material they leave behind. You should also keep an eye out for blood spots. Right after they’ve fed bed bugs are full of blood.

So, if you roll over or step on them, then they can burst open. You can learn about the signs of bed bugs in this helpful guide.

Questions to Ask When Interview Arizona Bug Exterminators

As we mentioned earlier, bed bugs are notoriously hard to kill. As such, you need the right type of Arizona exterminator to properly deal with them. This means finding someone who knows what they’re doing.

But, it also means finding a company that cares about your needs. So how do you find this type of company?

By calling up your local exterminators and interviewing them. Here are some good questions to ask about the different companies. Their answers will give you a good idea if they’re worth their salt.

Do They Take an IPM Approach to Killing Bed Bugs?

Remember how we said bed bugs have evolved to resist traditional types of insecticides. This means that extermination like fumigation simply won’t work. So what does work?

One word: heat. High-temperature levels are enough to kill the insects. To implement this technique the best exterminators will have an integrated pest management (IPM) plan.

Typically this involves some combination of steam, cleaning, and vacuuming. This method is preferable because it gets rid of bed bugs and keeps harmful chemicals out of your home.

Do They Offer Fair Rates?

Often the first thing that people ask is, How much does a bed bug extermination cost? This is a good question to ask, as many professionals might be overcharging for their services.

However, it’s important not to conflate cheap with the best option. When it comes to pest control, you get what you pay for. So, if you only pay a little, you’re likely going to receive poor service that doesn’t completely get rid of the bugs.

Instead of paying two companies to do one job, you should instead look for a better company. They may cost a little more, but at the end of the day, they’ll get the job done effectively.

Will They Educate on How to Prevent Bed Bugs?

Getting rid of bed bugs isn’t a one-way street. It requires active participation from both the exterminator and the client.

This is because the client is responsible for preventing future bed bugs by implementing certain cleaning behaviors into their routine. But how will they learn these cleaning techniques?

From a knowledgeable pest control employee. The best type of exterminator will educate you on everything they’re doing to get rid of the bed bugs.

They will also teach you ways to prevent them in the future, through things like diatomaceous earth and mattress covers. Keep an eye out for exterminators who are eager to teach you everything they know about the pest.

Will They Support You When Needed?

Getting bed bugs can be traumatizing. As such, you need a company that is willing to support you at any time of the day or night. The best types of exterminators will be available twenty-four-seven to help you in case of an emergency.

You should also ask if the exterminators perform follow up inspections. This is the ultimate measure of telling if a company cares about dealing with the pests.

The Best Bed Bug Exterminator Chandler, AZ?

If you live in Chandler, Arizona, then you may be wondering, Where is a good bed bug exterminator near me? The good news is that there are plenty of options to choose from.

The bad news is that there are plenty of substandard companies that take advantage of people in their time of need. So how do you avoid these exterminators? By thoroughly interviewing questions to pest control companies around Chandler, AZ.

This will help you suss out the good from the bad. If you don’t have time to interview, then let Watts Pest Prevention do the work for you. We pass every question in the previous section, so you know we’re dependable.

Let Watts Pest Prevention Help You Today

We hope this article helped you find a bed bug exterminator Chandler, AZ to fit your needs. The Watts Pest Prevention has been helping Arizona deal with its pest problem since 2011.

Doing so has given us the experience to eradicate a wide variety of pests—from bed bugs to scorpions. More importantly, it’s given us the confidence to support our customers. We know that pests can make a lifelong home feel unsafe.

Because of this, we strive to educate, reassure, and protect anyone who needs our services. In doing so, we’ll get rid of your bed bugs. But, we’ll also develop a lifelong relationship that will make you choose Watts Pest Prevention again and again.

The quicker you get in touch with us, the quicker we can help you. So what are you waiting for? Contact Watts Pest Prevention today and get the peace of mind you deserve.

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