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For Effective Termite Treatment, Phoenix Homeowners Need These Tips

Termites are one of the most destructive types of insects, causing billions of dollars in damage to the housing industry every year. They can almost any building and go years without detection. If you are a new homeowner or one who has never had an inspection, termites are not something to take lightly. The identification and treatment of these pests require complicated processes and professional know-how. Fortunately, for effective termite treatment, Phoenix homeowners need to be aware of just a few basic things.

Keep reading to find out how you can take the necessary steps to get your termite infestation under control and protect your home from further threats.

Termite Basics

There are more than 2,700 species of termite in the world, and they all need a moist environment to thrive. For this reason, the soil is the most common place to find them. That is why they are such a great threat to buildings: it is likely that they live in the nearby ground.

Although there are many different species of termite, three main types are prevalent in Arizona: subterranean, drywood, and dampwood. Subterranean termites are what most people are familiar with, partly because they are the most common and cause the most damage.

These insects build mud tunnels to reach food sources. They migrate to areas that are high in moisture, so they’re attracted to areas that have poor drainage, stumps, dead trees, garden mulch, or firewood stored near your home.

Neither dampwood nor drywood termites need continued connection with the soil. They live in either damp or drier wood, as their names suggest. This is important because the detection of these pests is different from that of subterranean termites.

Drywood termites can be found in furniture, which can make them difficult to find and eradicate. And dampwood termites can be even more difficult to detect because they burrow deep into the wood while plugging up their entrances.


Termite prevention is the best course of action. Although professional treatment helps ensure termite eradication, there are some basic things you can do to keep from attracting termites in the first place.

One is to make sure there is proper drainage away from your house. Areas that pool water will attract termites, as well as other pests. This includes indoor areas that accumulate moisture, such as attic spaces.

Fix any leaky faucets or pipes around the outside of your home. Do not store firewood or other types of wood debris near your home. Any wood-to-ground contact invites termites in.

Also, cracks in your foundation or floors can do the same. Having these repaired can go a long way to eliminating enticements for termites to enter.


The first course of action, if you suspect a termite infestation, is an inspection. Termites are the number one urban pest invading homes in Arizona. They are so prevalent that, if you are not treating to prevent them, then it is only a matter of time before you have issues.

The good news is that it takes a long time for them to do significant structural damage. The bad news is that they can go undetected as well. So, finding out your termite status is a priority.


If you find out that your home has termites, there are many different ways to get rid of them. The appropriate method will depend on the severity of your infestation and the layout of your home.


Physical barriers made of rock or metal are the least toxic treatment method. But their effectiveness is limited. You also would need to get existing termite colonies under control before considering this option.

Chemical barriers are an effective and popular treatment method as well. They are applied around a structure to keep the termites from entering.

You also can bury them in the soil around a building. They are safe for the environment, as well as children and pets. But you will need a professional to install them.


Heat treatment is an effective and popular way to get rid of termites. A technician closes off the entire area where the termites live and uses heaters and fans to kill them. The application process only takes a half-hour or so, but may not available for use in all areas of your home.

There also are some biological control methods, such as fungi that keep the bugs at bay. Some interesting field studies have demonstrated the effectiveness of these treatments. But they currently are being used in areas prone to flooding and extreme infestation, and are not as of yet an economical option for regular home treatment.


Fumigation is a similar process, which uses chemicals in place of hot air. You will need to vacate your entire home for a period of time in order for a technician to perform this process. It is often reserved for serious infestations in multiple areas of the home.

Bait lures attract termites, which then take the poison back to their home colony. These can be effective, but are usually used in combination with other types of treatment.

Professional Expertise

One of the worst things you can do is try to eliminate termites yourself. While there are many DIY pest control projects out there, termite eradication is not one of them. There are a few termite treatments that you can buy at your local hardware store, but the effectiveness of these is questionable.

For instance, if you spray them with insecticide, they will merely retreat and find another way to enter your home. A big component of termite treatment is the application. Leave it up to a professional and know that the job is done right.

Find the Best Termite Treatment Phoenix Has to Offer

Termite eradication is a complex process that requires the attention of trained professionals. Do not risk your home’s structural integrity by neglecting the severity of termite infestation. If left unchecked, these little bugs will cause a lot of headaches and damage down the road if left unchecked.

Watts Pest Prevention is a family-owned and operated business that offers comprehensive termite inspection and treatment. We provide free quotes and treatment guarantees. Our technicians will know what to look for and what course of action is appropriate for your home and budget.

Have peace of mind knowing that your home is free of termites and protected against further threats. With us, you can rest assured that you will be getting the best termite treatment Phoenix has to offer.

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