Pest Infestation

6 Tricks You Can Try to Prevent Pest Infestation of Your Arizona House This Fall

There is nothing more frustrating for a homeowner than having to deal with your house becoming the home for different pests.  Whether it is something small and less invasive like bees forming a hive outside of your house to something much more serious like wood-eating termites destroying your home’s structural integrity, attention to these pesky problems is crucial.

Here at Watts Pest Prevention, we aim to be the premier Arizona pest control company. That’s why we’ve compiled the following are 6 tricks you can try to prevent an infestation taking over your home. With these tips, you can create effective Phoenix pest control before the pests even become a problem.

Call for an Inspection

The first thing you should do to eliminate pests is to call a reputable company to come out and assess the situation.  The best pest control Phoenix has to offer will come out and determine how to proceed to keep bugs and other creepy crawlers from ever entering your home.

Don’t Leave Food and Water Laid Out

Make sure that you do not leave out the dishes and bowls you use to feed and provide water for your pets.  Cockroaches, ants and rodents are always on the lookout for a snack. By making sure you don’t leave out food and water, you can help stop these creatures from getting a bite to eat.

Get Rid of Debris


Eliminate any excessive debris around both the interior and exterior of your home.  Many bugs, like scorpions, love to hide in piles of wood and leaves or under large rocks so that they can escape the heat of the day to conserve water.

Not only will cleaning up this extra debris get rid of hiding places for bugs, but it will also help make the exterior of your home more attractive.

Fill in Cracks and Patch Up Holes

Repair any holes in the exterior of your home and any broken windows.  One of the easiest ways for pests to enter your home is through cracks or holes in the walls or through broken windows. Bees and wasps, for instance, can build hives inside the exterior walls.

To prevent the hassle of having to call for bee removal in Phoenix, you’ll want to patch up and fill those openings. It will eliminate any opportunities for these creatures to enter your home.  In addition, fixing these small problems will also help homeowners reduce their energy consumption.

Make Sure Your Pets Have Good Hygiene

Bathe your pets and have them wear flea and tick prevention collars.  Fleas and ticks not only make your pets’ lives miserable, but they also carry diseases like Rocky Mountain Spotted Fever, which can affect humans as well.  If you do happen to get bitten by a tick carrying this disease, you will need to be treated with antibiotics right away.

Laundry, Laundry, Laundry


To prevent bed bugs, clean your home thoroughly on a regular basis. If you do find these pesky critters, immediately launder all clothing and clean any furniture where they might hide.  Bed bugs are one of the fastest growing problems across America, and they can be quite difficult to eliminate without immediately addressing the problem.  

Get an Instant Quote for Pest Control in Phoenix

Before you let your home be overrun with unwanted bugs, you should contact the best company for pest control Mesa, AZ and Phoenix, AZ has to offer, Watts Pest Prevention for an instant quote.  We will help you rest easy knowing that your home is free from unwanted infestations.