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5 Questions to Ask a Bed Bug Exterminator in Phoenix, AZ

A bed bug can travel over 100 feet in just one night. They prefer to stay hidden in your bed or around your bed. They rarely stray more than eight feet from where you sleep. Do you need a professional bed bug exterminator in Phoenix, AZ? Read on to learn the questions you need to ask.

Hire the Right Exterminator in Phoenix, AZ

Hiring an exterminator is easy. Just do an internet search and you will have many exterminators to choose from. Hiring the right exterminator isn’t easy because all exterminators are not the same.

You need an exterminator who will be effective, professional, and honest. A good exterminator won’t mind you asking a few questions.

1. What Do Your Past Customers Say About You?

Read reviews of previous customers. Look for reviews that are recent and relevant. You need to know that the exterminator has been successful at treating bed bugs so look for reviews that reference bed bugs.

Don’t rely on reviews that are published on the pest prevention company’s own website. It’s easy to fake reviews or to be selective. Look for Google or ContactUs reviews for independent customer reviews.

2. What Accreditation and Licenses Do You Hold?

Checking out the credentials of an exterminator couldn’t be easier.

Put the name of the business into the state license lookup. Exterminators who hold a state license will be listed. Avoid exterminators who don’t hold a license.

Check whether the exterminator has a Better Business Bureau rating. This rating indicates whether the business is credible. It’s based on customer feedback, the type and age of the business, and more.

3. What Experience Do You Have?

Ask the exterminator what experience they have of treating bed bugs. Treating bed bugs is a specialized area of extermination. Experience at treating other pests doesn’t necessarily mean that they are able to treat bed bugs.

4. Do You Prevent as Well as Treat Bed Bugs?

Treating bed bugs may remove the infestation for a temporary period. A thorough pest control professional will not only remove the bed bugs but prevent future infestations.

The successful treatment of a bed bug infestation should treat all the life stages of the bed bug. Unless this is done, a new infestation will develop very quickly after the initial treatment.

A pest control professional will spend time with you explaining how to prevent any further bed bug infestation. Bed bugs are not necessarily a sign of unhygienic conditions. There are specific tips you need to know to keep the bugs away.

5. What Guarantee Do You Offer?

What if you choose a bed bug exterminator but the bed bugs come back? Will you have to pay for an exterminator to visit again?

Ask what guarantee the exterminator gives for their work. A satisfaction guarantee gives you confidence that the exterminator believes in their ability to do the job.

Simple Questions to Ask Your Exterminator

These five simple questions will help you choose the right pest exterminator in Phoenix, AZ. Simple questions that get to the heart of the problem. Who can you trust to exterminate those bed bugs?

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