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10 Important Reasons to Call Termite Control in Florence, AZ

Arizona is a great place to grow up and start a family. Apparently, many termites think so too.

But that doesn’t mean that they’re not a problem. While termites don’t pose a direct danger, they do enough damage to harm both yourself, your property, and your finances.

So if you notice some termites in your home, call a professional. Don’t let this problem become worse than it needs to be.

Still not convinced? Then keep reading for ten important reasons to call termite control Florence AZ. We’ll let you know why hiring a professional is a fantastic investment.

1. Flying Termites

Let a colony stick around long enough, and you’re bound to see their wings. While most termites don’t have wings, enough do to pose a disturbing enough problem.

Some termites will grow temporary wings, becoming alates. Alates are young termites that fly off to find a new burrow to nest in.

Even seeing one flying termite is alarming. But besides the fact that there are also unwinged termites that are visible, it might not seem that bad.

But again, let a colony stick around, and you’re definitely going to witness the chaos. This chaos will take the form of a swarm of alates of a goosebump-raising size.

2. Termite Feces

With termites eating away at your home’s bountiful wood supply, you’ll encounter their fecal matter. These piles of dry, tiny pellets are not subtle and feel grainy. They’re often described as small loads of salt and pepper.

Once you see these dusty additions to your home, it’s time to take action. At this point, the termites are doing a great job taking ownership of your home. With unsightly termite feces coating your belongings, your next step is searching for a great pest control service.

3. Property Destruction

Nearly every type of pest is able to deal huge property damage. But termites are particularly destructive. With wood being their main food source, any structure that uses wood is susceptible to termite damage.

That is unfortunate, considering that nearly every structure uses wood for key structural purposes. Termites won’t limit themselves when they can sleep right by their meals. Eventually, they’ll do enough damage to cause potentially lethal damage, especially since they don’t sleep.

Even if your roof doesn’t collapse yet, termites are persistently invasive. They’ll make themselves at home on top of your bed, your chair, and of course—any untreated wooden surface or hollow wood source they can find.

4. Fast Breeding

When a termite colony grows, it grows fast. One day, you might only notice a few. But give it a few days and you’ll witness an exponentially developing disaster.

Don’t give them the chance to do that. When you first notice a termite colony, call a professional right away.

5. Growing Repair Costs

The longer termites have to eat at your home, the more costly your repair will cost. So don’t wait to call someone only when you notice cracks in the wooden foundation.

It’s not just about the material required for repairs. Larger repair projects are also more complicated. An expensive repair bill is going to be proportionate to both the extent of the damage and the skill it took to do it.

6. Not Covered By Insurance

That’s right—most homeowners’ insurance plans don’t cover any termite property damage. So don’t wait to call a professional exterminator based on an assumption your insurance will cover any damage.

7. Chemical Safety

If you’re thinking of opting for DIY rather than a professional service, reconsider your plan. The sheer amount of product it takes to handle a termite colony is extensive. Only professionals have gone through the proper training to handle these chemicals correctly.

They’ll know how much product to use and how exactly to use it. This matters, especially for larger colonies. For a novice, dealing with any termite colony is daunting already. But it’s also a waste of time and product to try and douse a large colony when you don’t have professional expertise.

8. Accuracy in Termite Location

Seeing hundreds of termites in your bedroom is terrifying. That’s why cleaning up after killing every visible termite you can find is utterly satisfying. But this satisfaction doesn’t guarantee a perfect job.

As shameless as termites are, they’re also great at hiding. DIY attempts to get rid of termites rarely produce long-term success. In fact, when termites seem dormant, they could be eating away at your home and cause more property damage without you knowing.

9. Mortgage Lending Requirement

If you took out a mortgage for your home, you might need to present a termite clearance letter. This letter states that a professional pest control service inspected the property and found no evidence of termites or termite damage.

For this inspection, professional pest control services inspect for more than termites. They’ll do a thorough inspection for all sorts of pests that could threaten your property, such as bees, bed bugs, and rodents.

10. Peace of Mind

Finally, asking a professional to handle your termite problem gets rid of every termite-related hassle. Professionals are happy to service you, and will confidently take care of a problem you may have been dreading to deal with.

As the customer, all you have to do is give the professional their space to do their job. When you come back, they’ll have done all of the hard work. Now, all you have to do is listen to their post-service advice in a termite-free home.

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Termites have no place trying to take control over your home while destroying it. You should feel safe to sleep in your bed and feel comfortable having dinner on your own wooden dining table.

WATTS Pests Prevention is a family-owned business that specializes in termite control Florence AZ. Not only are we good at our jobs, but we also strive to maintain the sanctity of a safe domestic haven. If you like the idea of that, book an appointment with us today!

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